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Some Are Sicker Than Others

Some Are Sicker Than Others - Andrew Seaward Some Are Sicker Than Others – Andrew SeawardAfter their lives reach rock bottom, three ‘addictive personalities’ – Monty, Dave and Angie coincide at a rehabilitation centre called Sanctuary in the scenic Colorado mountains. Their lives are inter-connected by tragedy but just how much remains one of the driving forces of the novel. This is a hard-hitting and extremely well-written account of the reality of living with a drug or alcohol. Life is grim for people with serious addictions and Seaward isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in his acerbic style. His writing is punchy, fresh and cliché-free with a thread of dark humour running through it. The micro details would suggest either first-hand experience or very heightened powers of observation – or perhaps both. His characterization and dialogue are spot on – I’m sure we’ve all met people like Dexter, and Nick is instantly memorable. Highly recommended though not for the faint-hearted or those who prefer a happy-ever-after ending.