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Hand In The Till

Hand In The Till - Gerald Hansen Gerald Hansen hits the jackpot again with another outstanding piece of black comedy genius, delivered in his own unique style. This is the follow up to An Embarrassment of Riches. The legendary Fionnuala Flood and her extended family once more emblazon every page with their misguided antics and comedy of errors. Right from the off we know we're in for an explosive ride when we learn that tins of knock-off vegetables are actually filled with Semtex. Hansen not only has a rare talent for witty and razor-sharp characterization, he also writes for the ear - I feel I could almost pass for a native of Derry, if I wasn't so heart-feared, so am are! Above all, Hansen is a master of plot. No scene is wasted. Misunderstandings, crossed wires and bawdy frolics abound as Fionnuala takes stock of her lot at the age of forty-five and her futile attempts to raise money for the trip abroad to wreak revenge on her daughter, Moira, come to grief. Meanwhile, husband Paddy is up to no good with fellow Polish worker at the Fillet O Fish factory and Dymphna's lot is a sorry one - up the duff again and estranged from her Proddy husband Rory who her best friend has her eyes on. Youngest daughter Siofra, too - ever her mother's daughter - is carrying on the religious divisions in Derry single-handedly. Well, almost.I won't give away any more of this story, but it will have you in stitches. Watch out especially for the jaw-droppingly funny chapter featuring a Rubick's cube.A must read