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Uneasy Rider: Confessions of a Reluctant Traveller

Uneasy Rider: Confessions of a Reluctant Traveller - Allie Sommerville Uneasy Rider relays the adventures of Allie and her Other Half Harry, otherwise known as OH, as they travel across Europe in a camper van. But be warned, Allie and OH are a driving disaster area. You name it and it has happened to them: be it storms and wrestling with awning poles in Niederbrun, engines blowing up on Alpine passes, being robbed in Italy twice and their van hanging over a cliff at Monserrat to name a few (but better this than stay in the creepy old pension with the rusting key!). Allie’s quirky humour always shines through, in spite of or because of the mishaps that befall them, and for anybody who’s ever experienced the less-than-perfect holiday – that’s most of us – you will find yourselves identifying and laughing along with Our Heroine. This is the sort of adventure best enjoyed vicariously or at least long after the events!