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An Embarrassment of Riches

An Embarrassment of Riches - Gerald Hansen A superbly written black comedy with a barrel of laughs. There’s even a Derry Speak glossary which you’ll soon discard once the dialect gets under your skin. An Embarrassment of Riches is deftly plotted, with twists and turns and ironies especially where the feisty Dymphna’s pregnancy is concerned, and the scene where she and Rory are talking across purposes in the ChipKebab will have you in stitches. Meanwhile, Fionnula’s youngest daughter, Siofra, may only be eight years old but she has learned a scam or two along the way. She wants the Maria Theresa dress, the parasol and the tiara with lights on for her First Communion and nothing is going to stop her. With this gritty book you are in for a hoot and a ride as bumpy as mother-in-law Eda’s stairlift. But be warned, there are moments of tragicomedy where you least expect them.Highly recommended